Monday, February 11, 2008

My Lunch With El and The College Times

About a month ago I had a lunch appointment with Eleanor Cleverly-Takahashi to discuss grad school options (we just happen to be interested in similar fields). Eleanor was kind enough to meet with me and fill me in on some of the grad schools she's been looking at and let me know about the process involved in applying to numerous grad schools. One school, in particular, that sounds interesting to me is The New School. Could this documentary be the catalyst to land me in a good documentary program? All I care about recently is this documentary. I used to be a perfectionist with my grades, but I find myself increasingly interested in creative possibilities and resting temporarily from the demands of academia. I'm completely absorbed in this project.

Anyhow, during our lunch I mentioned to Eleanor that we are working on this documentary and she offered to publish a piece in the UVU newspaper, The College Times (Eleanor is the Editor-in-Chief). She has a genuine interest in our project and wanted to help publicize some of our efforts surrounding the documentary. She asked managing editor Jack Waters to help with the piece and he did a fantastic job. You can check out the article by clicking on the image below. I'll post a link to their website as soon as they publish the most recent issue online.

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